Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

George Daniels anniversary watch 4/35 @ Sotheby's November 11

This is a super rare opportunity to acquire one of the anniversary watches by George Daniels made in collaboration with Roger Smith, his only protégé and who is continuing the legacy of George Daniels in his own workshop by finishing his super rare and impressive timepieces by hand. 

There were only 35 pieces made (this is number 4) to celebrate the anniversary of the co-axial escapement invented by George Daniels. Lot N°290, Estimated 120 000 CHF - 180 000 CHF.

In 2009 George Daniels approached Roger Smith with the idea and both sat long time together to discuss the design and technical aspects of the watch. Roger Smith did ask George Daniels if he could fit his single wheel version of the co-axial escapement into the series and the master agreed. A "dummy" watch was presented first at the SalonQP in London, November 2010 and the success was immense. For the upcoming SalonQP in November 2011 George Daniels asked Roger Smith to make a watch and two movements for the presentation. Sadly George Daniels passed away on 21 October 2011 and could never see the success of his 35th anniversary watch.

On the photos below I include the statement of Roger Smith on working with George Daniels for the anniversary watch (book: "All in good time, reflections of a watchmaker" and "A master watchmaker and his art"):

All the best.

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