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Super rare and beautiful pocket watches @ Sotheby's November 11

I do really like pocket watches, their class, their style, even that they are not fashionable nowadays but I don't care so much about that word. These timepieces were made, when there was no computer, cnc or what ever high-tech machine. These watches were build by hand and that makes it so fascinating to me.

I start with this Audemars Frères pocket watch made in circa 1890. It features a répétition minutes, grande et petite sonnerie plus calendar with day and date. I like the design of the dial very much with the day at 10 o'clock, date at 2 o'clock and small seconds at 6 o'clock. Lot N°92, Estimated 45 000 CHF - 95 000 CHF.


Victorin Piguet was specialized in the production of high quality repeaters and chronographes and was involved in the construction of the Henri Graves Supercomplication and the Packard Grande Complication. As well Victorin Piguet was involved in the development of Pateks first split second chronographe. This beauty which is up for sale is a répétition minutes with chronographe, 30 minutes register made in circa 1905. Look at the finissage of the movement! Lot N°368, Estimated 40 000 CHF - 80 000 CHF.

Audemars Piguet split second chronographe with 30 minutes register and répétition minutes made in 1910. I like the combination of the champagne dial and yellow gold case and the movement is really a beauty. Lot N°346, Estimated 25 000 CHF - 45 000 CHF.

This Patek Philippe with the complications of calendar with moon phase, split second chronographe and répétition minutes is a beautiful and super rare pocket watch. It is believed, that only 2 of these timepieces were made per year since it was introduced 1887. Because of the influence of the buyer, Horace Scudder Sears, Patek Philippe received in the following years commissions from well known collectors such as James Ward Packard and Henry Grave Jr. Lot N°349, Estimated 175 000 CHF - 250 000 CHF.

All the best.
(photos by Sotheby's)

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  1. Auction results:

    Lot N°92 - 46 757 €
    Lot N°368 - 72 734 €
    Lot N°346 - not sold
    Lot N°349 - 223 604 €


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