Montag, 6. April 2015

Andersen Genève - Eros 69

The Eros 69 is a very interesting timepiece. The name says it already "Eros 69", the inner case can be completely turned around, so that you get the back side of the watch as the dial.

The dial is, in this case, very discret with blue gold and "tapisserie" finish. The dial can be as always personalized by the client.

The back side of the watch contains the automate with the erotic scene. The scene is completely hand painted! And can be personalized too! With the Eros 69 you have the start button for the automate as coaxial button through the crown.

Behind the crown is as well the lever with which the inner case can be turned around so that the back side can be worn on the wrist as dial side.

Here is as well the link to my youtube channel to show you the function of the automate erotic scene (this is a different Eros watch).

For requests and/or order I warmly invite you to send me an e-mail on the following address:

More about the timepieces by Svend Andersen on the website of my boutique:!andersen-geneve/cej

All the best.

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