Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

NEW Benzinger ONE project - Patek Philippe for Tiffany & Co. ----> the design

Dear watch aficionado.

For my new Benzinger ONE project I have introduced you the first fitting of the "naked" movement into the case, article last week. As the project continues, I am very proud to introduce you now the design of this extraordinary timepiece. 

On the photo on the right, you can see the design of the dial side. The dial will only be the outer ring (made of 925 sterling silver, original Breguet Frost finish, hand-guilloché) around the minutes and hours and the outer ring around the small seconds. This allows a perfect view of this extraordinary Patek Philippe movement which will be completely hand-guilloché, hand-engraved plus hand-skeletonized finished in the legendary Benzinger style.

On the left photo you can see the design laid over the movement (dial side view), one does need a bit of imagination to recognize what the result at the end will be. The result will be absolutely stunning and extraordinary.

The back of the movement will keep its original nice forms of the bridges and they will be completely hand-guilloché finished.

Kind regards.

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