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Phillips auctions Geneva, November 2016 ----> My picks, Patek 3424, 565 and 570 plus Rolex 6352, 6350 and 6150 plus Jaeger Geophysic cross hair

Dear watch aficionado.

What can one say about a catalogue that Mr. Aurel Bacs, his wife Mrs. Livia Russo and their team were able to set up for their upcoming sale in Geneva for the November auctions? Well, nothing less then outstanding, breathtanking and extraordinary. If one takes the simple fact that at the Phillips auction Mr. Bacs is going to hammer 3 Patek Philippe 1518, one in each metal, only that is already beyond this world! But then, there is as well the "rest" of the catalogue which are 193 lost, and wow, they are stunning. 

So, now I did try to make my choices or my favorite timepieces offered at this superb auction and as I do love all those Albert watches by Patek and their Calatravas like the 570 and 565 plus the early Explorer watches by Rolex, I have chosen 8 different timepieces with as well very different estimates of 5000 CHF to 400 000 CHF.

I would like to start with one of my favorite Patek Philippe dress watches, the legendary 3424 Gilbert Albert (well, I do love all the three of them, due to their special design). I do like these 3424 Albert's due to their very clean and stylish  case design. Plus the design of the dial is kept as well very discreet. And then their is the example offered by Phillips Watches in white gold and it stands out from the others due to its baton indexes and the sublime condition! There is only one word that can describe this timepiece, extraordinary. Estimate 80 000 - 120 000 CHF. Lot N°96

Now we are coming to another of my favorite Patek Philippe timepieces, the legendary 565. Well, one can discuss about if it is a dress watch or tool watch, but certainly it is a bit more sportier then a 570 for example. Due to the fact that it is water resistant and that it has an inner soft iron case I would describe it as a tool watch, almost. And this example offered by Phillips watches is especially beautiful and rare, probably unique. I do love pink gold cases in combination with black dials, it gives a certain warmness and charm to a watch to wear on the wrist. This 565 does feature as well the Freccero retailer signature and the combination of pink gold case, black dial signed by Freccero makes this for me one of the most beautiful timepieces from the entire catalogue. Estimate 40 000 - 60 000 CHF. Lot N°194.

And now the other 565 stainless steel with black luminous dial! The only one in stainless steel to exist with black dial and luminous indexes and hands. The more, this watch has an extraordinarely beautiful story due to the fact that it was gifted from Patek Philippe to their night watchman who passed it to his son several years ago. To own such a watch, so rare with that sublime history, is a serious dream! Wow! This example and the other one with pink gold case and black dial would form a perfect set of the most amazing 565's to have ever appeared on the market. Estimate 200 000 - 400 000 CHF. Lot N°134

And now, the dress watch of the dress watches, a Patek Philippe 570. But this is not only one 570, this one comes with stainless steel case, black dial and arabic numerlas set all around the dial. The more, the condition of the present watch is perfect. It is believed, as stated in the catalogue, that this example is the only one with the so called telephone black dial and steel case! Oh boy, I am going crazy while writing these words due to the shear beauty and importance of these watches. Estimate 150 000 - 300 000 CHF.

Now moving forward to the Rolex watches. I am a big fan of the early Explorer timepieces made by Rolex. They combine adventure, great design and historical importance. The reference 6352 was worn by Sir Edmund Hillary on his adventure to the peak of the Mount Everest. The present example I do really like due to its rare honeycomb dial with the depth rating at 12 o'clock, well it is not really the Explorer but more it is the predessor Explorer . The more it comes with the guarantee and a Rolex box. Will be interesting where this 6352 will end up in the price. Estimate 5 000 - 7 000 CHF. Lot N°45.

Now we are coming to a very nice and interesting Explorer 6150 that was made for the British Army. This one features already the legendary 369 dial but still misses the Explorer signature on the dial. I like all these different variations of dials in the Explorer family. Interesting to see where this one will end. Estimate 10 000 - 15 000 CHF. Lot N°79.

And now to my favorite, the legendary 6350 Explorer with early honeycomb dial, pencil hands and tip dot seconds hand. This is a very nice and superbly looking example. Something is for sure, the estimate will be blown up. Estimate 12 000 - 18 000 CHF. Lot N°179.

The next watch is not a Patek Philippe nor it is a Rolex, but it is a legendary Jaeger LeCoultre Geophysic from 1958 with the uber rare cross hair dial! To find an example with cross hair dial is already so hard, but to find one like the present offered by Phillips Watches is normally impossible. The condition of this Geophysic is beyond this world and it is the best Geophysic to have ever been available on the market. It is probably a once in a lifetime chance for the serious Geophysic or tool watch collector to get an example like the present. Estimate 15 000 - 25 000 CHF. Lot N°17.

You can find the whole offer by Phillips watches on the following link:

My greatest compliments to Mr. Aurel Bacs, his wife Mrs. Livia Russo and the whole team at Phillips Watches for their accomplishement to offer such a spectacular range of timepieces during the upcoming sale in Geneva! Photos for my article are all by Phillips Watches.

Kind regards.

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